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Traffic Light Assessment

It’s as simple as 1,2,3… 4.

Our traffic light assessment is something you will be very used to in schools. We use: Red, amber, green and platinum as our 4 points of assessment. Red being ‘someway off meeting expectations’, through to platinum being ‘exceeding expectations’. All you have to do is tap the colour next to the pupil, and the technical side of PE Pal organises the rest for you.

Our ‘auto-assess’ tool highlights all pupils as ‘green – meeting expectations’. This funky feature saves you time, as you then can move children up or down from there as you go.

Sport Premium

The assessment tool has saved me hundreds of hours and created invaluable progress reports.

- Jake, Assistant Head

Using the traffic light system is so quick and easy! Within a couple of minutes, I have got hundreds of assessments stored.

- Anne, Primary School Teacher

The auto-generated progress reports contain really useful information. Especially when it's broken down into the development areas.

- Ally, Subject Leader

Physical Education Assessment

Tracked Pupil Progress

Once you have assessed your pupils, PE Pal organises all assessment data that has been recorded and automatically generates a 'pupil dashboard'. These dashboards contain a full overview of all assessments ever recorded for that pupil in 4 cool spinning wheels. This tool is super engaging and a definite fave for the children.

Each pupil dashboard gives an overview of their current success in the 4 Pillars of PE, as well as keeping a full log of every ‘I Can’ they have ever been assessed against in their very own Pillars of PE record. This is accessed with a simple swipe of the screen. A great little tool for showing progress over time, at the touch of a button!

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